6 Weeks + FREE Uniform for $69


To Give Your Child The Skills To Succeed In Life!
Like most parents, we wonder what your child will grow up to be or what kind of person they will develop into. As children grow up, parents realize they can’t be there for your child at every moment so giving them the correct tools to help make important decisions is key! Can we agree on that?
Join us today for 6 WEEKS for your child and have the chance to experience what NEPA MIXED MARTIAL ARTS has to offer! Included with purchase is a FREE Uniform and an introductory lesson. Once you have signed up, please call us to schedule your first class!
Our schedule for Little Pandas program is:
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Uniform ($49 value) Uniform ($49 value)
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Our Schedule
Kid's Karate: Ages 4-6
Monday 5:45 PM
Tuesday 5PM
Wednesday 5:45 PM
Thursday 5PM
Friday -
Saturday 11:15AM
Sunday -
Youth Karate: Ages 7-12
Monday 5PM & 6:15PM
Tuesday 5:30PM & 6:15PM
Wednesday 5PM & 6:15PM
Thursday 5:30PM & 6:15PM
Friday -
Saturday 11:45AM
Sunday -
Our Location
681 Main Street, Edwardsville, PA, USA